Apple Could Be Forced By The EU To Open Third-Party App Stores Soon

As we witnessed summer pass us this year, we also witnessed the EU pass its Digital Markets Act. And the new laws have come into play at the beginning of this month.

There are a number of consequences that could soon come into play and one of them includes seeing new iPhone third-party app stores open up among others.

Moreover, these new comments from the EU’s veteran official did come after a recent meeting was held among a council of ministers that united to enforce Apple to take on the USB-C for all of its devices.

Now, there is more speculation than ever regarding how the new DMA may force Apple to open its smart devices to app stores owned by third parties, and this particular intention was revealed again.

The EU feels that those people having an iPhone can download applications not just from Apple’s App Store but others owned by third parties. And the EU feels that the consequences can be severe.

So when can we expect the changes to come forward from Apple? Well, Apple and a few other leading tech firms are yet to implement the long list of changes. They’re not going to come into effect immediately but after a short delay.

There are going to be several tiers that would need to come into effect but the tech giant is going to be in the leading position in the gatekeeper tier and that would be having some very stringent rules.

The EU would be publicly announcing every tier for each company and it would land the news by next spring. After that, each firm would be provided with a tenure of six months during which they can make such amendments.

Other than the leading changes that the EU wants Apple to make, there was also some talk about stopping leading tech firms from providing unfair preference to various apps and services. Big tech giants would also now be required to comply with the likes of legislation in the EU. But that wouldn’t be too impactful for the iPhone maker as outlined in the DMA.

The EU’s representatives feel it’s a long time coming that leading tech firms came out and started to play a more responsible role by helping people and protecting them against unfair practices.

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