The Mac App Store Is Not Growing And It's High Time Apple Noticed, Claims New Study

It’s been a while now since we last heard about the Mac App Store undergoing growth. Some hoped that bringing the App Store forward alongside apps seen on the small screen of your device to desktops could be the solution. But it didn’t come.

Hence, there was a closer look taken at which applications were present in it and the results did surprise quite a few people out there. If you were to guess which theme reigns supreme, well, you’ll be amazed to learn that most people wouldn’t be able to rightly guess just that.

Data from AF shows, there are around 31,000 apps with games seen on the Mac App Store. And if the dominant category was concerned, well, it was interesting to note how Macs weren’t popular at all as gaming devices. We just were not sure about the leading category in this regard so seeing that top the list was an eye-opener.

For now, it’s the category of Utilities that is really leading the pack and it’s closely followed up by Games. And as bizarre as that may sound to you, it’s the truth. Today, you’ll find nearly 6000 apps arising in that category.

As of now, you’ll find 5000 games taking center stage and it’s definitely way more than most people expected. So are they all really that popular? Well, we don’t think so but someone really did work hard to build it up to that point.

Other apps in the leading category included the likes of education, productivity, and even photo and video. They fill up the list for the top 5 and it really makes a lot of sense than having games lead.

But how fast is this Mac Store growing was a question on many people’s minds. So we saw App Intelligence sit down and go through just that to get a complete breakdown of the picture and how gloomy it is.

Well, for starters, it isn’t growing. If you happen to be developing it for Mac computers, you’ll be shocked to learn how 15 new applications arise each month on an average basis.

When compared to the likes of places such as the App Store, you’ll learn about how 1000 new apps are included on a daily basis so every 20 minutes, a new one pops up.

It’s quite clear to us right now how the Cupertino firm may be solely focusing on its App Store as no proper plan appears to have lined up on the Mac App Store. But these shocking figures really do make room for a lot of improvement because potential appears to be there.

These findings came in the form of a recent report that App Intelligence published through its platform. There is a lot of access providing estimates for downloads and forms of revenue forecasted. So do check them out for further details.

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