Apple Again Tests Its Rapid Security Response Feature For iOS 16.2 With New Additions

Just last month, leading iPhone maker Apple was seen releasing a series of updates to iOS 16.2.

This entailed a series of changes for the Home application and even paved the way for a Freeform application, alongside a Rapid Security Response. The latter was designed to enable a series of security settings for iOS without any need to download a whole new version of the phone’s operating system.

Now, we’re hearing more news that the firm is again experimenting with such a feature using the updated Security Response that was just sent out for beta users.

In the past month, we witnessed the tech giant conduct tests with the new security feature but the only difference right now is that it could possibly comprise of security patches which the company appeared to be testing and hence would be sending out a few patches in the final update for users.

It’s all a little bit unclear if such a security patch would finally be included in the product or whether the tech giant is simply testing it for the sake of seeing how it functions in real life.

Update: As per Appleosophy, this new "update was another test and does not contain any security content."

After being widely available to all others, the tech giant would then be able to make quick security changes without the need to release the latest version of iOS. See, it’s going to be working in a manner that’s awfully similar to mini updates for the macOS.

As seen in the past, this sort of operating system arises with a series of changes. Let’s take this Freeform collab app into consideration. It’s available for the iPad, iPhone, and even Mac.

Then we’re seeing changes made to the Home application, changes done to the Weather application, and even more than that. Then Apple put forward a brand new architecture with a button to switch off wallpapers after the feature of ‘Always-On’ gets enabled on the device and other new widgets simultaneously.

Several different changes were spotted by Mac Rumours who have gone public with the findings in terms of the new beta for this security response update.

Users will see Apple News get integrated into the likes of the Weather application with relevant stories being published according to your geographical location.

Apple would similarly be allowing users to update all of their Live Activities in a more frequent manner. At the same time, users would find new widgets for Sleep, medications, and lock screen soon.

The phone would simultaneously allow users to send out reports to Apple when an SOS signal gets triggered. Lastly, the new iOS 16.2 update would allow for the ‘always on’ display feature to work while enabling another accessibility mode that’s customized for both phones and iPads.

The updates would be coming forward sometime soon during the middle part of December. And there are chances that such updates may even end up getting delayed or deleted. It all depends on the phase of testing taking place soon.

Photo: iSoftware Updates / Twitter

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