A Voice Note Feature Will Be Available on WhatsApp Status For Android As Well As IOS Users

WhatsApp is going to introduce voice notes on the status of WhatsApp beta for iOS. This feature is still not even available for beta users of WhatsApp for Android. However, in the new version of WhatsApp for iOS, users will be able to share a voice instead of regular WhatsApp status. iOS users will be able to share a voice note up to 30 seconds long on their status right next to the text section, as the one in the chat.

This feature was well anticipated among the users as many of them had been asking for it for a while now. In another previous update shared by WhatsApp, it was announced that every WhatsApp user will be able to create polls. That feature is now available to everyone so if you do not have it, try to update your app.

Just like any other status updates, your voice notes will also be shared with the people you choose. You can go through the privacy settings of your status to choose which people you want to share your voice note status with. As this feature is still under development, no one can see how the status will look on WhatsApp but what we know is that it will be similar to the ordinary status on the app. Android will also have the same feature soon and it will be just like iOS.

There is a chance that this feature will look different compared to the screenshots when the feature will be available to the beta users. The development of this feature is still happening and we will keep you up-to-date with any new information about this feature. You shouldn't be just excited about this feature, because WhatsApp is constantly rolling out new features which will keep users engaged with the app. There is a chance that soon WhatsApp will no longer be a messenger app, but an app used for entertainment too. Now we will what measures meta will take to roll all the new things users want in the app.

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