YouTube will now let multiple shops be linked while allowing users with channel membership to control their received notifications

Creator Insider is back with another video highlighting new features that are being added to the mega video sharing platform, YouTube.

In their latest YouTube post, Creator Insider highlighted two different features that are meant to ensure a better user experience while also helping YouTube creators grow and attract more users to their shops.

Initially, if a content uploader wanted to link to a store in their shopping tab, the limit for the stores was only 1. As a result, YouTubers with multiple shops would either have to use separate accounts for separate shops, or they would have to choose a shop that was more important than the other one.

But since the app developers have finally decided to look into this matter, the platform has now released a new update. According to this new updated version, the number of tagged shops went from a single shop to multiple shops. YouTubers won’t have to worry about which shop they should bring to their YouTube channel, as now they can easily tag multiple stores and help them grow simultaneously.

According to Creator Insider, YouTube rolled out the new update on September 20th, and as a result, even a single video can now be used to display multiple items at the same time.

Another new feature mentioned in the posted video is the ability to opt-in for member-only notifications.

After the membership feature was announced by YouTube, several users got exclusive memberships for their favorite YouTubers. As a result, they were able to watch videos even before they were released, to general users.

Users who had exclusive channel membership would receive notifications every time their favorite YouTubers posted anything. From a general announcement to a video upload or live streaming, members would receive alerts from their respective channels.

But now, the new update would allow members to opt themselves in or out of receiving such notifications. They can easily allow notifications for specific posts only, such as a notification for every time a video is posted but not when the channel posts an announcement. This way, users can control the notifications they receive from YouTube.

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