You Can Now Combine Pictures, Videos, And GIFs To Any Tweet On The Twitter App

Adding media features to any post across Twitter is not something that’s new. But combining them all together on a tweet is not something that most users are accustomed to.

Twitter is giving users the chance to incorporate pictures, GIFs, Videos, and more into a single post on the platform. And it’s safe to say that this option was never seen widely until now.

The news went public on Wednesday when the company spoke of a feature that was slowly being launched to small groups in July but now, it’s up for grabs for everyone while posting tweets.

In the past, you could only amalgamate several images, a single video, or one GIF. But with the new change up for use, one tweet can have it all. It’s like a blend of various media features combined.

More details were explained by the company today via a blog post. They stated that such changes have given rise to more possibilities. Users will be allowed to express themselves better through this social network.

The company says they’re always on the hunt for some of the most exciting ways to make creators better and more content that they’re comfortable with. By mixing all sorts of visual content in one post, creators get the opportunity to go above the 280-character limit. This way, they’re more liable to better tell their vision or story.

There is not a lot that any user needs to know about adding combined media to their tweets. Simply pick out your images, GIFs, and videos that you’d like to share. And believe it or not, that’s it!

But wait, you’re going to face a few limitations here. The app says users will only be given the chance to include 4 media features per post. Moreover, this new option will be up for grabs on the official app that’s designed for both iOS and Android users. And this would be seen by anyone, even those randomly browsing through desktops.

Before we forget, there are a series of features up for grabs on the app. Twitter has gone on a roller coaster ride in terms of its deal with Elon Musk. But they’re still doing well in terms of staying on track.

The app included the edit Tweet button finally for Blue subscribers. Similarly, users can finally enjoy the full-screen vertical view of all forms of video content through their phones.

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