WhatsApp is finally rolling out a much needed feature for its users who shares a lot of documents

Another day, another feature is rolled out by the WhatsApp messenger Beta for Android users. WhatsApp Messenger App is considered one of the safest places for people to communicate without getting their privacy breached by intruders.

Therefore, they have been working on many features to protect their users privacy and make it more friendly for the them. From blocking your acquaintances to taking screenshots of your private pictures and documents and creating a polling system within group chats, WhatsApp has now introduced a caption bar for document sharing.

Up until now, the caption bar was only limited to pictures and videos shared within a group chat. The beta version established a caption bar for document sharing and brought the version for WhatsApp beta up to

Recent reports suggested that meta-owned WhatsApp has been trying new features every day. They are changing their privacy policies and creating a new version to improve their capability to serve the WhatsApp community.

This new update in WhatsApp beta allows you to share captioned documents. The upgrading of a version has been said to be compatible according to the testing by these beta testers. But the update is only available for them to avail before they launch it worldwide.

Furthermore, the feature will be available once you download the latest version of the App. The previous beta needs to be downloaded to access the new one. After downloading the cutting-edge version, you will experience some new features installed within your messenger.

As we said, the WhatsApp beta was operating to produce new features to install in the messenger. WhatsApp beta for Android has recorded a statement saying that they are making more advancements for document privacy and sharing the documents under the caption.

The platform has finally decided to launch the feature and bring its A-game into the tech world. The quality is said to be operating fine after beta testers have installed the latest version and used it to ensure its ability.

You can test it yourself by selecting the document but before this you need to download the latest Whatsapp version. It will open the document along with the caption bar, where you can add a caption before sharing it with your intended recipient. Since we already have access to a search engine option in our WhatsApp messenger, the caption will make it easier for us to locate the document.

Since Meta bought WhatsApp, many changes have occurred in the App. They have launched a polling system, blocking screenshots from once-viewed messages, a subscription plan for business accounts, and now the caption bar for document sharing. Wondrous things are happening within the company. Let’s see what further changes they will bring to the most used messenger app.

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