WhatsApp is rolling out a new privacy feature for some Android users

Numerous improvements have been made to WhatsApp's features since 2022. WhatsApp has grown to be more progressive than it has ever been, whether it's starting a streak of once-seen messages or keeping the last seen or stories hidden from a particular group of people. WhatsApp Beta lets you access many features and makes life easier for everyone.

After creating so many other features, such as hiding your last seen and making it possible to control who can access to see your online activity. WhatsApp is now busy, working to restrict people from taking screenshots of once-viewed photos and videos. The system implanted within a group chat is to create a platform where everyone can feel safe and protect their privacy simultaneously.

WhatsApp beta presently decided to announce a brand-new feature via the Google Play Beta Program to bring the version up to Users may communicate with friends and coworkers without worrying about their data being compromised with this updated version. Although the feature, for the present, is only accessible to beta testers.

Furthermore, the implementation of blocking screenshots was first announced by Mark Zuckerberg in August to ensure the safety of its users. He decided to operate online status and a past-participant blocking version.

Meta also owns WhatsApp. Therefore, implementing the same system within the app is of prime importance. Therefore, WhatsApp has also launched the blocking of taking screenshots of photos and screen recording. The version is only accessible to some beta testers that have installed the newest version from the Playstore.

Moreover, if a third party tries to capture a screenshot of your photos or videos, the captured photo will always be blank or show a black image in the gallery. Besides, taking a screenshot is prohibited for security reasons, and the operator will get a heads-up if someone tries to capture their content.

In some cases, if an unfamiliar person tries to take a screenshot by other means, such as using the extension to intervene in your privacy, the image will always appear black. Additionally, the recipient will get forewarning if someone tries to take a screenshot, simultaneously blocking the person from capturing a screenshot because of added privacy.

However, the view once messages privacy is only accessible to your own devices. Therefore, you should be careful because the third person can still capture your photos by using subordinate mobile devices. The privacy of preventing taking screenshots of once viewed photos and videos is installed by default.

Likewise, forwarding once viewed messages and videos is also blocked. Although, you can still capture the screenshot of chats because the feature is only limited to view once images and videos. WhatsApp is figuring out a way to make the platform more trustworthy and reliable. It will take some more time to improve the features and to ensure the safety of its users. For now, the blocking of screenshots is released to some lucky beta testers before getting launched to other people.

Via: Wabetainfo
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