Twitters Is Adding Tweet Views To The List Of Public Insights That A User Can Now See

Twitter has recently updated its interface, allowing some users to see how many times a tweet has been viewed by the community publicly.

I think I’ve commented on this quite recently, but allow me to reiterate: features such as these make me just a tiny bit uncomfortable because they always come off as slightly predatory to me. Social media platforms have managed to engage entire communities of individuals in behavior that revolves around clicks, views, likes, and retweets, making them come off as some sort of validation. I should also clarify that this by no means only applies to younger individuals since older social media users are susceptible to such pitfalls as well. When Instagram adds a bunch of Stickers to their Stories, I appreciate the effort of allowing users to be more expressive. When it presents the option of liking Stories, other than the reactions and replies that we could always engage with, then I worry that the platform’s simply concerned with providing yet another parameter via which individuals can get self-esteem issues. But what do I know; I still use social media, so this does still seem just a little bit hypocritical. My disarrayed thoughts on the online landscape apart, let’s take a look at the new Twitter feature.

The ability to check view counts on a tweet isn’t all that new; in fact, I believe it’s been around for a few years now. However, such insight was left for the, well, user Insights where individuals could see just how well both their profile at large and specific tweets were performing. However, the average individual doesn’t spend all that much time rummaging about their Insights, and if so, doesn’t exactly go about announcing their reach and whatnot. Well, I’m sure some people do, but they’re not exactly the most well-adjusted either. At any rate, tweet views will now accompany retweets and like numbers, which are posted right underneath the original post.

This interface update is currently undergoing a public beta test, which means that more individuals than the average regional testing will see tweet views popping up. The update will probably make it across the board in no more than a few months; until then, we’ll all get our micro-doses of serotonin by relying on likes, retweets, and replies.

H/T: Hammod Oh

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