Private Text Message Exchange Between Jack Dorsey And Elon Musk Reveal Shocking Findings

A new set of revelations are being put forward to the public. And this time around, it involves Twitter’s former CEO Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk.

Dorsey was seen reaching out to Musk, exactly one year before the Twitter takeover deal began. And that’s where he told the world’s richest person how he had full trust in him and wished he make some financial investments in the firm.

Screenshot Via: The Chancery Daily
Dorsey who also happens to be the company’s co-founder started off the chat first on March 26 and this was a part of a recent text log that had been filed as a component of Twitter’s case against Elon Musk.

The text spoke about how strongly Dorsey believed that a new app was required and that’s one of the reasons why he left because this current situation wasn’t for any company.

To that, the billionaire was quick to respond and he inquired about what Dorsey felt was lacking or what the firm should appear like. To that, Dorsey says that it needed to be a much more open-sourced protocol. It’s quite similar to the way Signal has behaved. Similarly, Dorsey revealed how Twitter was not the type to benefit from any advertising model. This is the famous model for firms on social media.

Musk was very polite and added that he would be more than willing to help if he could. And Dorsey adds that he worked hard in convincing Twitter’s board to include Musk but they were hesitant. He continued about how the board at Twitter witnessed the billionaire as a huge risk and Dorsey felt that was wrong and in fact, a very backward thought.

On that note, Dorsey felt his time was up and it was time to leave, even though the decision didn’t come easy. During this time period, famous time activist Elliott Management paved the way to become involved in the platform, asking for a series of changes that he felt would assist the firm reach new heights of growth and success.

More details on the high-profile text exchanges are yet to be seen and even messages sent out at a later date weren’t mentioned. Then, more details went on to state how Musk requested Dorsey that he’d like to meet him privately and hence wanted a one-on-one meeting.

Just a few hours after that, the duo spoke to one another and made reference to a call. Dorsey was really happy and couldn’t believe Elon Musk was actually going to go through with it. It was a dream come true and something Dorsey wanted for a while. Hence, this is why the former Twitter CEO got emotional when he figured out it was all possible at last.

Musk always felt he needed encouragement and reassurance from Dorsey and asked if his decision was dumb or not. Later, Musk points to the former CEO how he intends on going private with the platform so that it could be fixed.

He adds that although it’s quite an impossible task as so many fake users are seen on the app and it makes things look terrible, he needed to make it private so that a proper restructuring was possible. And Jack did agree to that.

Jack Dorsey knew that such major changes done to any public firm wouldn’t be possible and so the best way forward was privatization.

Seeing these conversations pop up during the filing of the case in the court of law is very interesting. Hence, experts are waiting to see what role they can play in the final pending decision as the trial begins in October.

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