Twitter Wants To Give Users More Control Over Who ‘Mentions’ Them On The Platform

Twitter is on the lookout to provide its users with ways to better control their experiences on the app. And the latest one in this regard is linked to having a greater cover over who mentions them on the platform.

The news comes to us thanks to social media researcher Jane Manchun Wong. She recently put up a post on her Twitter account that spoke about the feature letting users control the options for mentions

This could be done by either reducing the users’ handle completely through blocking or only allowing for features that enable users following who may or may not include them on the mention.

If and when this does come into play, it may be a major step for anyone that wishes to gain better protection of their security. Similarly, if you’re not a fan of people adding your name to the mentions section, well, this is for you then.

When this does come into play, we don’t see why it can’t be a huge success because unwanted mentions are never appreciated by anyone. Remember, this feature is definitely new and already getting plenty of attention.

In the past month, Twitter was seen debuting several different features that many considered to be extremely useful. One of them is this which is also a very recently developed area in terms of focus.

Other than that, the app is experimenting with the world of audio after launching its new and improved Spaces section last year in August. Finally, we did see it launch the product for iOS and Android in the past month too. So as you can see, plenty of work is getting done in this regard.

It may not have been launched the way many had hoped but one thing is for sure. The new audio is truly a hub for those wishing to hear live and even recorded content thanks to other community members.

There are a lot of things on offer and one of the most sought-after offerings is podcasts.

On the other hand, we saw it adding several features in the world of video too, It has provided users with the most immersive experience that is just a little short of what TikTok has to offer for its fans.

Last but not least, the ability for users of the app to finally get a hold of the famous Edit button was definitely another launch that users saw as something that was a long time coming. But seeing it bound by a paywall didn’t make a lot of people happy.

Only the app’s Blue Service costs $4.99 each month. There is no doubt that many are fearing that more launches like these could end up coming at a hefty price tag too. In other words, if you want more security and privacy, well, it won’t be for free.

Until then, let’s try and make the most of the free features for now. What do you think?

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