Twitter Rolls Out Unique Test Where Hashtags Are No Longer Clickable Links

A new and unique experiment has recently been launched by Twitter that reportedly makes hashtags on the app a feature that can’t be clicked upon (or untappable).

Previously, hashtags were seen as a way for users to immediately find what they’re looking for in the quickest way imaginable. But now, that doesn’t appear to be the case any longer.

The news comes to us thanks to Jane Manchun Wong who went public with the Twitter test on her social media account recently.

Jane was as perplexed as the rest of us and it totally makes sense as to why. Think along the lines of influence operations that are on the more limited side of things.

And that’s why so many including us hope the change is for a short term only and won’t last after the US Midterm elections. These are all set to occur by next month.

But she did mention in the status that there are a few exceptions to the case. This includes the likes of branded hashtags such as the likes of ‘One team’ or ‘Periscope’. It appears that this has to do with the simple fact that brands are ending up making payments for such features while they promote stuff.

As you can imagine, this ‘no link for hashtags’ feature is being strategically achieved so it does not affect the app’s ad business.

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