Twitter Finally Allows Its Blue Subscribers To Edit Tweets

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here! Twitter is allowing its users to edit tweets but wait, you need to be a Blue subscriber to avail this feature, the app has confirmed.

The new functionality will be released soon to users across New Zealand, Australia, and even Canada. Moreover, the platform’s paid service makes you a member of the Blue club, and only then can you make the most of this great feature.

For a while now, the whole ordeal was a simple rumor and many wouldn’t believe it until they saw it. But then the app did come out to confirm how it was busy working on the feature for edits at the start of 2022.

Twitter mentioned how this would first be viewed as an internal test but just a week ago, we heard it mention that it was soon time for a public launch. Therefore, Twitter’s Edit Button is finally up and running live for the first time ever. And it’s the app’s Blue subscribers that are loving it.

While Twitter failed to explain a lot of things in detail with its new tweet regarding the launch, there are several blog posts on the matter that do explain in detail how it all actually works.

For instance, it’s going to give users the chance to make amendments like hashtags, typos, and a few other things that occurred in the 30-minute timeframe, moments after the tweet got published. After the edit has been completed, this tweet will have a set of visual cues such as icons, labels, and even timestamps that show a viewer that it’s been altered.

As stated in the past, this launch is going to be exclusive to Blue subscribers. And if you’re not too familiar with what it is, well, this paid subscription allows users to get access to the most advanced features out there.

There are definitely plenty of perks and that includes exclusive access to customized icons seen on the app. Then you can avail yourself the chance to undo a tweet, mark your essential things, and even get access to articles free from ads.

In the same way, subscribers are going to be given the chance to get access to features that are yet to be launched for the general public and are being crafted in Twitter’s labs.

For now, it’s the NFT display images, better quality videos, and the chance to edit tweets that are up for grabs. Similarly, subscribers are given the chance to log into the app’s Space Tab. And if you are interested in making an edit on a tweet, be sure to subscribe to the Blue feature and avail. It’s about $4.99 each month.

At this moment, this Edit Tweet button is only getting launched in a few places. But don’t worry, the company is hoping for a launch in the US soon. There is no definitive timeline but it’s going to happen for sure.

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