Telegram Receives Massive Fine For Failing To Report Illegal Content

Popular text messaging platform Telegram has received a massive fine for failing to report illegal content on the app.

The fine was set out by Germany and comprised a staggering 5.1 million Euros. Moreover, the accusations that have come forward in the lawsuit are concerning. Telegram has been alleged of not using lawful means for reporting. And it’s shocking to see how the app is yet to file any form of an appeal that refutes such claims.

The way German officials scrutinized the company is yet to be seen before in the app’s history but this is definitely not the first time that Germany has launched an investigation against the company. Before, it accused the platform of serving as a base for radicalization. A report from Associated Press confirmed the news today and also set out the figures for the massive fine.

The shocking news comes as Telegram was found to be sending out user data to various German officials regarding concerns linked to suspected terrorist links and matters related to child abuse.

On the other hand, we’ve got more news about how Telegram was also seen providing German authorities information on how some were using the platform to plant serious crimes. That is when Germany called the app out for attacking famous personalities in Germany including politicians, medical experts, and researchers. This is linked to how the latter was involved in making great efforts to ward off the pandemic

Germany says that the recent COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in people being too radicalized on the app and even threatening others with death calls related to murder. This was recently confirmed by the German agency’s chief. So as you can see, it’s a serious ordeal.

With time, the popularity of the platform has grown even more in Germany and it’s now considered to be the standard for most users in the country as it works flawlessly across Android devices. Remember, Germany forces all platforms to abide by a certain array of guidelines and rules and hence wants them to report matters like this across various platforms as well.

But the country’s Office of Justice is not happy with the way it’s carrying out its reporting linked to illegal or banned content. Similarly, the app has failed to send out a proper address for communication. And despite both of these conditions being mandatory in German law, it’s shocking how Telegram continues to function in this manner.

Telegram is trying to defend itself by mentioning how its FAQ have asked users to report any content they come across as illegal. Similarly, the app has vowed to keep all of its chats private among different users of the app. But seeing Telegram be unreachable for such reporting has put the country on alarm.

The fine is definitely massive as confirmed by AP but if appealed, Telegram might be able to save itself by providing solid reasoning for the act.

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