Telegram CEO Says New App Store Rules Are Ruining Lives And Crushing Entrepreneurship Chances

The CEO of Telegram is speaking out boldly against Apple’s new rules at the App Store.

Pavel Durov was quick to shed light on how changes in terms of in-app purchases were really taking a toll on the lives of others. He used the terms crushing dreams and ruining entrepreneurship as the company opts to take a 30% commission on various in-app purchases from developers making more than $1 million in revenue a year.

He found that to be unfair as such talented professionals really work hard and it was just not fair to grab a hold of their profits because it felt the need to do so.

The statements were reflected across his channel on Telegram where Apple recently informed the app that it can’t allow its creators to utilize third-party means to conduct payments for sales. That’s a huge blow to the messaging platform as it’s known to give greater access to more channels or separate posts via such means as a paywall instead of the usual in-app systems for making purchases via Apple.

As you can probably imagine, Apple was not happy to see the app’s creators gain more money through its efforts without the additional 30% tax while Telegram was stated to have zero choices but to turn off all of its paid posts seen on Apple’s apps.

Durov likened the behavior to monopoly and abuse at the expense of others in the market who are working hard to gain fruitful benefits via its efforts. Hence, people’s efforts are going to waste and the way they should be treated is beyond insane as a new clause for Apple’s commission is unfair.

Now, the Telegram CEO is calling on regulators located in places like India, the European Union, and more as they needed to take stricter action against such behavior before it got late.

Using third-party systems versus the traditional one laid out by Apple makes sense on Telegram as they got 100% of the profits that were provided by subscribers which is wonderful news.

But seeing Apple get upset over creators not providing a share of the commission laid out by the tech giant, they were left with zero choices but to disable all types of iOS paid posts.

Apple’s monopoly was outlined to be worth a trillion dollars and its leading position bring out its worst side where people are struggling with a tax that it calls out to be the biggest ever witnessed in terms of VAT by the government.

Telegram really wants to get to the bottom of the matter and it hopes regulators will overlook matters and find a solution that bypasses such unfair terms in Apple’s ecosystem.

The relationship observed between Apple and Telegram in the recent past has been nothing less than disappointment. In August of this year, the CEO was very adamant to claim that Apple really painted an obscure image of the rules and regulations seen on the App Store.

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