Samsung's "maintenance mode" enables users to protect their data while repairing

Samsung's new safety mode enables the user to secure their data while the user gives it for repair.

Your phone has important information, which can create hesitancy when giving your phone to get the maintenance done. You might have private information which you wouldn't like getting disclosed. However, if you give your smartphone for maintenance, they might see your private pictures, videos, and credit card details and can even read private text messages which you wouldn't like.

Samsung is known as one of the tech giants for introducing new mobile phones with new and amazing features. Samsung has introduced a "maintenance mode" for new Galaxy devices having One UI 5. This feature protects the device's data while it is getting repaired. This feature lets the owner of the phone lock their photos, videos, and personal data; hence, no one can access them.

This feature was introduced in Korea as a test program. But now it is being introduced in the whole world as a brand new feature in all Samsung galaxy devices. This feature enables users to protect their information when maintenance shops repair it. This maintenance lock helps lock all the private and confidential data, which lets the maintenance engineer access your device applications with all the personal data removed.

This feature was first tested in Korea in July and later tested in the Chinese market in September. Now, this feature is being introduced to the whole world. This feature makes the user's data secure and lets it stay private. With this feature, you will feel a little less on the edge of your seat and can sigh in relief while getting your phone repaired. You might feel confident giving your phone to a total stranger and not feel scared about them getting your private data because they would not have any physical access to your data. However, the lockdown mode in iOS 16 is different as it also protects the device from online attacks.

The repair folks would still be able to download apps while the device is in maintenance mode. The apps automatically get deleted when the user unlocks the maintenance lock. Although the user restores the regular account and the data comes back.

Maintenance mode needs to be turned on when you give your mobile phone for repair. This feature needs to be activated via "battery and device care." If your phone needs repairing externally, it wouldn't need to be turned on, and you can leave it as it is and send the phone for repair.

This Samsung feature has been updated worldwide in various cities globally. This feature will initially start in the galaxy S22 devices which are running on One UI5. However, this feature will roll out fully in 2023 and will be available on more devices.

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