Russia Tops List Of Countries Most Breached Online As Hacked Accounts Rose By 136%

A new report by leading cybersecurity firm Surfshark says Russia underwent the greatest number of hacking attempts this year.

Figures were estimated to have increased by a staggering value of 136% MoM since February end and that was also the time when Russia began its brutal invasion of Ukraine.

In the previous quarter, around 110 million were hacked and that is what allowed it to take the lead as the nation that underwent the largest number of breaches. Meanwhile, there are reports about how the US continued to dominate as far as the entire last decade is concerned.

After Russia came nations like France and then Indonesia and the US. Moreover, the number of breached incidents had increased by 70% in this quarter when compared to the findings seen in Q2. Meanwhile, a few seconds in the last three months showed how 14 accounts underwent leaking attempts as highlighted by Surfshark’s data.

Security analysts are on the alert as such hacking incidents are rising with each passing time. To better put things into perspective, around 14 accounts kept getting leaked every second and that means a staggering 109 million people are at risk.

In the same way, the report also highlighted how a clear ally of Russia, Belarus reported a striking four-time growth that occurred in the previous quarter. This is where 540,000 accounts were leaked. But it is rather interesting to notice how Ukraine saw a decline of 14% during the same time.

Another shocking finding had to do with Indonesia where a mega 1370% rise in hacked accounts arose in the country. And this was credited to massively scaled cyberattacks that pushed the nation’s government to bring on new regulations for Personal Data Protection.

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