New Study Proves How Most People Use Instagram And The Findings May Surprise You

Instagram is one of the world’s leading applications in terms of connectivity. So many people are developing interactions, not to mention businesses taking advantage of great audience engagement.

Creators are finding great ways to develop a presence that could help them earn as well. And new statistics prove that the platform is the fourth most popular social network around the globe.

Today, around 1.4 billion active users are engaging on this application and with around 1200 images being published each second, you’ve got to realize that the popularity is immense.

Therefore, Passport Photo Online has decided to survey more than 1,000 different users of the app across the US. And the only motive was to witness how they're using the app to build up their brand presence and enhance the business through social media. And it’s needless to say that some of these findings are shocking. Here are some key takeaways worth a glance at.

Users spoke about how they’re assisting brands in pushing creative boundaries while nailing the marketing aspect of things. On average, 60% of users follow several business accounts on the app at once.

On the other hand, around 70% of users on the app claim to feel better connected to various brands when they use this app. And when it comes to online shopping, more than 90% of users of the app are likely to make a purchase after being connected to a brand through this platform.

And if they had to choose a preference between short-form marketing and long-form texts for marketing posts, they’d choose the former because it’s quick and convenient.

Keeping in line with that same theme, around 85% of consumers across the US claim to explore new goods and services through this app. Even those that weren’t in search of a particular product state they may have ended up making a purchase because of Instagram’s motivating factor.

Next up, the survey looked at the great benefits attached to the Instagram app. And since more than 90% of users on this app follow at least one business account, it was interesting to see if any of the brands provide them with the perks for doing so.

On average, the majority of those surveyed followed at least 6 to 10 brands through this platform. And these people interact with brands several times a week. Thanks to those interactions, they end up purchasing and feel more connected to the business.

These users also admitted visiting business profiles every day or even every week. And that just goes to show how much they like staying connected with them.

It’s no surprise to see how the survey proved that the majority of those using the app were Millennials or those in the 26 to 38 age group. Meanwhile, Generation Z was closely following behind and they entail those users that are 25 years or younger.

There was no significant difference between males and females in terms of those following the business profiles. Each followed around 6 to 10 accounts and the fact that they were staying more connected means they engage more, providing more chances for business growth. As you can imagine, brands are taking notice!

The survey also dug deep to figure out what people’s opinions were in North America regarding businesses that lack a solid business presence. And the findings proved that about 57% of users didn’t have any strong opinion about it. They were neutral about the situation.

As far as the content that viewers enjoyed the most from a brand, well, posts that were creative, informative, and fun took the league. Stories were the most preferred format and viewers liked taking part in polls and quizzes.
So brands take note for future reference!

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