Mozilla Firefox Introduces New Updates Including Greater Privacy, PDF Edits, And New Tab History Feature

Mozilla Firefox is updating its web browser to feature some great innovations worth a glance. This includes the company’s greater focus on the privacy aspect of things and a wonderful way to attain PDF edits.

In case that wasn’t enough, there’s also going to be a tab history feature called ‘Firefox View’. The news was released on Tuesday and it’s designed for users of iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Moreover, seeing a lot of emphasis on privacy is definitely going to make security experts happier as it was a long time coming.

This is a lot different than the usual updates we see because now, it’s going to get harder for ad firms to track as the whole process will be blocked from the start. Moreover, techniques like browser fingerprinting via third parties are another feature blocked for better privacy. Other small changes include a shortcut added for private browsing in the settings so users can customize their preferences and quickly switch into that mode when browsing on desktops.

There’s even a new default ‘dark’ mode that makes it clearer to users when they have their privacy mode on and when it’s switched off.

Next up, the app is adding a new Firefox View tab on the desktop so browsers can quickly view the history of their searches in a single tab that keeps a track of users’ recently shut tabs. But remember, it’s not only restricted to a single device. You’ll be able to keep a track of histories for your browsing experience across various devices.

And just in case these features were not enough, users can benefit from PDF edits as well. Whether you wish to mark up your important files or simply sign them in the browser, all can be done that wasn’t allowed in the past. So as you can see, the browser is really aligning itself with others in the market like Microsoft Edge which has seen such features for a while now.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a feature that puts it ahead of the race with other archrivals including Apple’s Safari browser and also Google Chrome. But with that being said, Firefox lags behind in terms of not providing users with tab group features.

Lastly, the company announced an expansion of its famous Firefox Colorways. For those who may not be aware, it’s one of the best features that allows browsers to undergo customization based on color. We’re talking about some of the most diverse and innovative wallpapers up for grabs in this feature too. There was even one put out by famous streetwear designer Keely Alexis.

For a while now, many have been speaking about how Mozilla Firefox is not up to par with other browsers and that could be a basic reason why users prefer other browsers. But seeing this much focus on browsing experiences, we’re sure it’s a front-runner in terms of privacy offerings in the US market today.

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