Introducing WordPress Plugins – Eliminating Coding Requirements in Web Designing

These days, WordPress has become one of the most used content management systems in the digital world. A convenient and user-friendly outlook and commendable community support have made this platform the ideal pick when designing your website.

Moreover, WordPress plugins allow you to extend their features limitlessly. Naturally, it brings the desired touch of perfection to the website, and it looks like a professional developer has developed it.

However, what are the best WordPress plugins you can consider working with? Well, this post explores the most popular WordPress plugins that help you develop your website from scratch. The best part is they never require any coding.

Best WordPress Plugins for Developing Websites without Coding

WordPress has thousands of attributes that allow you to add several attractive features to your website. And when it comes to developing a website using WordPress, all you need to do is to pick up a theme of your choice and install the same. However, what about the customisation? Indeed, without enough technical knowledge, you can face difficulties in creating a customised website.

To deal with this issue, you can pick up plugins of your choice from the wide variety provided by WordPress. They enable you with the power of customising your website to the extent you want.

Typically, they consist of an array of predefined, combinable elements. With convenient drag-and-drop actions, you can keep adding elements to your website until the results satisfy you.

Now, let’s check out the three most popular WordPress plugins that can help you develop your website, eliminating the need for programming.

WP Bakery –The Oldest

This plugin was previously known as Visual Composer. WP Bakery is one of the oldest plugins developed to make designing easier. It offers the user a Front End designing option and a Backend Page Builder alternative.

With the Front-End development attribute, you can work on the website directly, and the Backend Page Builder works as the entry creator. WP Bakery works well with every WordPress theme. However, if you’ve already decided to work with this plugin, you can put the necessary filters on while checking the template stores.

This plugin costs $45, enabling you to use it only for a single website. However, all the updates are free, and you will also be entitled to free premium support.

Divi – The Most Flexible

It’s one of the most used WP page builders. When you install this plugin, you will get a new visual editor instead of the default website editor. With Divi, you can develop your website visually using drag-and-drop options. Besides, it comes with a predefined website library. Naturally, it eliminates the need to develop the site from scratch.

If you’re looking to develop an amazingly responsive website, this is the ideal plugin. Besides, it comes with other useful marketing plugins like Monarch, Divi leads and Bloom. Well, it comes for $249 and gives lifetime access to this specific plugin. You don’t have to pay any renewal/ upgrade charge.

Elementor – The Most Convenient

It’s one of the most user-friendly WP plugins of the recent era. Compared to the other plugins, it’s new to the market. However, due to its convenient outlook, it has managed to gain worldwide popularity.

Now let’s get some idea about its cost. It offers different yearly subscription schemes of $49-$199. The amount depends on the number of websites that you intend to develop. The best part is, to test the efficiency of Elementor, you can download its trial version for free. Naturally, it makes the least room for regret after investing.

Several leading IT companies make use of these plugins. If you need more assistance with web designing or any IT support, you may get in touch with leading and reliable brands like Codete.

A list of Other Necessary WP Plugins

Let’s check out some other essential WP plugins that can help make the development work even easier.

Yoast SEO

This is one of the best SEO assistance that can optimise your website amazingly.


This is one of the plugins that you can hardly afford to miss!! It helps in preventing unauthorised access.


With Sumo, lead acquisition starts to look like child’s play. Besides, it allows you to display subscription bars and pop-ups.

Hope this helps. However, if you still find the development work a bit daunting or time-consuming, feel free to leave the job to experts! Hire an adept development agency and get the job done effortlessly!
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