Interpol Issues Security Warning Against Metaverse Being Unsafe For Children

Interpol has come out with some shocking statements that aren’t quite in favor of the metaverse.

It claims the platform of the future could pose significant security risks. A lot of emphasis was put on how it was not safe for the likes of children.

The metaverse may be utilized not only for the facilitation of various types of physical crimes out there today but it just might be used for other more serious matters like cybercrime. This was what the bold warning comprised of, opening up so many people’s eyes.

The executive director for Interpol also mentioned how member nations continue to grow very concerned about how the metaverse could induce crimes and there are so many more possible solutions being highlighted too.

Common examples included crimes that were new on the platform while others would entail those crimes that are commonly seen and accelerated to new levels.

Meanwhile, a lot of discussions had to do with methods like phishing which are serious fraudulent matters that are growing increasingly common today. They take on a whole new realm when the world of VR and AR is thrown up in the air. Then he stated how child safety is one of the biggest matters that need to be addressed.

Some threat actors are going the extra step to make use of virtual realities as sophisticated means to plan the next stage of their attack.

Hence, if a terror group wishes to attack any type of physical group out there, it may end up using this space to plan as well as simulate and carry forward exercises, right before an attack is conducted.

There was also some discussion on how games include the ability to design maps and with the help of VR, criminals can now explore various types of locations and add some frightening details to them.

Meanwhile, the counterpart of Interpol seen in Europe claims it is very aware of these threats and needs to be well-equipped to tackle such incidents in the future.

Then the idea of the metaverse using blockchain technology for documenting user interactions is another point worth a glance at. Because if that’s the case, then we could well be working with the likes of threat actors following users’ each and every move depending on what sorts of interactions they have with them.

Remember, it could provide them with the likes of valuable information that stalkers could use and take advantage of.

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