Instagram Is Introducing A New 'Achievement' Feature In Instagram To Encourage The Users To Make More Reels

App Research Alessandro Paluzzi found a new Instagram feature that will give Instagram users an achievement badge on their reels. Users will find this option in their reels soon which will give you a badge for your performance on the reel. The badge could be of 'trendsetter', 'creative streak', etc. It all depends on the type of your reel. The achievement badge will only be visible to you on the reels that you have posted. Instagram's idea of this feature is that this will encourage and motivate users to post more reels on the app.

Instagram says that its users demand more reels in the app, so it was important to take a step like that. But most users complain that they do not want to watch more reels but Instagram keeps on showing them more every time they open the app. Instagram's chief Adam Mosseri says that people do want to watch more reels because nowadays only the apps with more video content are excelling in the social media market. He also says that reels are also important because they can trend very easily across all social media platforms.

Will this feature by Instagram make people post more reels? Yes, it can and it will. Users love a challenge and that's clear from Snapchat Streaks too. You won't get anything in the end when you share one streak a day with your friends but your streak count keeps on increasing. If people find out that they can get an achievement badge by posting more reels on Instagram, they will surely start making more reels.

This Instagram feature can also become a part of the Reels Play Bonus Program which gives you money based on the popularity of your reels. If users keep on getting achievement badges, they will be identified as Top Creators so maybe Instagram will do something for them too. Instagram is just set on making their reels popular so people can visit this app often and not go somewhere else. Right now, Instagram's biggest competitor is TikTok. However, YouTube is still ahead of both of these apps because of its advanced monetization features. But still, Instagram will do anything to attract users.

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