Excitement For Reddit Users As App Begins Test For Live Chat Feature And Text Addition To All Posts

If you happen to be a Reddit fan then we’ve got some great news for you. The app has reportedly started experimenting with a new feature that allows Live Chats in the platform’s Chat tab.

This new addition, when approved, will add great convenience to the lives of Redditors. It’s going to ensure there’s one single destination from which chats take place.

In the new test, viewers would be given the chance to witness three separate options to filter their views witnessed across chat tabs. This will entail live chats, all chats, and texts. There will also be a feature for group chats and solo chats here as well.

Reddit spoke about how the new test group includes around 50% of all of its iOS users and those that use the app on desktop too. This news was confirmed via a blog post that made its way on Tuesday.

Reddit hopes that live chats can take place easily in the Chat tab and when you leave a conversation, the user should be able to continue exactly where they left off.

We’re seeing the app take another step forward in terms of innovation for its users. Reddit has started to launch a new feature that adds text to all forms of content. Around 50% of users have been given the feature already and the rest will get it soon, the platform revealed.

Moreover, all users would be able to see the text added to various posts. Here, the goal is to provide users the chance to instantly make a post without thinking twice and having to select the type of post type which they can include their thoughts. It’s also designed to add a new sense of clarity on what is permitted and what’s not in a certain subreddit.

The latter will be rolled out to all before the year ends.

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