Good News For Creators As TikTok Finally Launches More Monetization Opportunities

If you’re an avid content creator who uses TikTok then this next piece of news is sure to tickle your fancy.

The popular video-making app is finally rolling out more monetization opportunities for some creators, reports Muaaz. And this comes in the form of ad revenue.

Those creators who make the ‘most engaging’ types of content for their audiences are surely going to benefit from great rewards as the app launches its first-ever revenue-share initiative.

This has been given the name TikTok Pulse and we first heard about it way back in the month of May of this year. Moreover, Pulse seems to be a lot like YouTube Select as both offerings are putting together their most famous creators who have the most ‘brand safe’ types of content out there.

But as far as TikTok is concerned, the app claims monetization is now going to be available to the app’s top 4% of content makers who create the most engaging forms of content arising in the top 12 categories. Things like fashion, books, cooking, beauty, gaming, and more would be included.

In the past, we didn’t see TikTok mention any new launch date for its Pulse Program but after the sudden emergence of so many reports of leading creators getting alerts in this regard, we know for sure that something is up.

The notices tell the creators that they’re eligible for the offer as they’ve fulfilled the criteria of having at least 100,000 followers. But the creators are again reminded that it’s not the only guideline that needs to be fulfilled.

Other than that, they need to have published at least 5 different videos in the past month. And they also need to be 18 and above to begin the whole revenue generation ordeal through the app. So if you’ve got all these nailed down, you’re good to go.

So what exactly does the rollout entail? Well, it includes the likes of getting 50% of the revenue generated through ads that are set out against their videos, as outlined by the notice.

TikTok mentioned in the past that its Pulse program is going to include a lot of contextual ads. Hence ads that belong to specific themed categories would be allotted in that manner. So you’ll see food ads on food videos and makeup ads on beauty videos.

But what’s really interesting here is the ratio being provided to creators. It’s definitely greater than what YouTube Shorts’ is providing its creators for the split of its ad revenue. Over there, 45% of the share goes to the creator while the app would be grabbing a hold of the bigger 55% share.

Media outlets have also reached out to the platform to ask if the news about the rollout is being conducted in beta or if it’s a proper launch for some creators that meet the guidelines outlined. We want to see how many creators are actually being asked to take part and if the test is restricted to a certain area or not.

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