TikTok Scams Are On The Rise And These Are The Most Common Ones To Look Out For

TikTok is a platform that many users simply can’t get enough of. But you’ll be shocked to find out that some scams are awfully real.

As the hub for all forms of short video content, users can’t get enough of the platform. And that’s why even the biggest tech giants can’t stop themselves from taking inspiration from TikTok’s algorithm.

Gen Z users claim they can’t live without it and each year, the app reports a massive rise in profits and revenue by the billions. And while the app does have a stringent array of rules and regulations that it swears by, you can’t help but imagine the number of people that end up getting scams.

People are losing hundreds of dollars because they’ve got no clue that they’re falling into a huge trap. So how does one know that something is suspicious? Well, it’s time to figure it out now!

Recently, we saw the app itself announce a new initiative that’s designed to make members cyber-smart.

Keeping in mind this immense popularity of staying safe on the app, here’s a noteworthy list of the top 5 scams that you should be aware of. So let’s take a look!

For starters, the biggest scam out there has to be linked to jobs. Let’s take the example of a journalist who recently posted about a job scam. He claims to be offered a huge sum of money for a job that he never applied for. He continued to get messages, threats, and more, forcing him to give his bank details. But this is just not one story. There are hundreds more like this!

A bunch of job offers through TikTok get views millions and make people want to apply in the hopes of making a quick buck. But little do they know, that desire for a quick buck is nothing but intense pain.

A lot of experts speak about how job scams come with a registration fee. Once you pay to register, they begin the recruitment process. But that’s not the case. All they really want is your money and other personal details.

Other scams are linked to investment schemes. Again, the money is the incentive but where a little investment goes a long way. Then they promise you to get high returns. The schemes are better known as pyramid and Ponzi schemes. The goal is to steer clear of any form of high-risk investments because you’ll be better safe than sorry as experts reveal.

Meanwhile, another commonly talked about scam had to do with romance. People are on the search to find a date while others are searching to have fun. Then there are those that want the perfect soulmate too.

The FBI has warned against such shocking behavior. They feel the time has come for people to wake up and stop getting fooled because ‘suiters’ are out there working as professionals. They’re on the lookout to get private details, ask for your money, and again, scam you.

Those that are a fan of Netflix may have watched the Tinder Swindler. And that show really opens your eyes in regards to what’s going on around the world and the consequences of finding love online.

Other scams such as copyright, account or email verification notices keep on making rounds on different platforms, and it's important for end users to be aware of them.

So as you can see, scams are definitely on the rise. Some are documented well and others, not so much. But whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. TikTok is really working hard in raising awareness about how you as a user can stop yourself from being attacked.

Illustration: Edgreystock

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