Facebook Accuses Apple Of Tweaking Its Guidelines To Boost Its Own Business

We saw Apple launch it's iOS 16.1 update yesterday. And with that came a few tweaks to its guidelines on the App Store.

This shows that apps like Facebook which go on offering boosts to posts and various other types of promotional content need to utilize in-app purchases to make use of the offerings.

But as you can imagine, the news did not sit down too well with Meta because it feels such guidelines are proof that the Cupertino firm wishes to benefit from its own business and nothing else.

Releasing a recent statement on the TheVerge, Meta felt strongly how Apple was out to undercut other types of competition coming his way while bolstering its own.

In the past, Apple mentioned how it would not be taking shares from developers who generate revenue through ads. Now, it’s a whole different ballgame as they’ve apparently changed their minds.

Facebook reiterated how they will continue to stay committed and offer all forms of small firms some simple methods to run ads that can benefit them. They would be required to pay for a boost in case they wish to see it perform better in terms of better views and engagement. But even before the guideline came into play, Apple mentioned several times that various forms of digital content would be up for sale through purchases made on the app but yet, but Facebook is yet to follow the rule.

To boost posts on the Facebook app on Apple, no types of in-app purchases are needed. One boosted post gets paid via credit cards, Pay Pal, and debit cards or even through a bank transfer. So Apple says it won’t be receiving cuts made to other firms to the Facebook app. As far as Instagram and others leading apps are concerned, they make use of purchases done on the app to get a similar feature for boosting purposes.

Meta’s Facebook and Instagram are using a similar form of direct purchases to carry out boosts for a while now. Yet, Apple has allowed Facebook’s parent firm to get away but not anymore.

The issue was one that was discussed between both Meta and Apple regarding the issue back in the month of August through private means.

Apple may have a lot of rules related to digital purchases made before the guidelines were put forward, Apple says this new wording outlines boosted posts in particular. It’s listed toward the bottom of a regulation related to ad management applications that don’t put out ads alone.

Applications that allow advertisers to buy and even manage various forms of advertising campaigns don’t need to make in-app purchases, the firm confirmed. They’re solely reserved for the purpose of campaign management and never put the ads on display on the same application. On the other hand, those involving digital purchases for things like content would need to make an in-app purchase.

One spokesperson that was recently seen representing Apply says that the firm has always had plenty of clear guidelines in place that require goods and services for using in-app purchases. However, there failed to be any form of explanation given why the Cupertino company was making the tweaks in wording now. Similarly, they fail to outline why Facebook was never made to abide by the rules in the past.

For now, we’re not quite sure if these changes in guidelines that came about yesterday would be representing the company taking strong action against apps like Instagram and Facebook. But if that’s the case and Apple does want money through the boosted posts, the app would be passing those extra financial burdens on to different people and firms that utilize this boost feature.

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