Elon Musk Makes Mega U-Turn And Confirms He’s Ready To Buy Twitter At Its Original Price

If you think the drama related to billionaire Elon Musk and his Twitter deal is over, well, think again.

The world’s richest man is willing to move forward with his original bid of $44 billion which will involve taking over Twitter Inc and making it private. The security filings were put forward to the public on Tuesday.

Musk wants to get rid of his legal case as soon as possible and that’s why he might not be forced to pay up to Twitter as the company has sued him for failing to fulfill his promises of going forward with the deal.

If and when this occurs, the agreement would put the world’s richest man ahead of a popular and influential platform. In the same way, it would end so many months of legal drama and troubles which really tarnished the brand’s reputation and even called out Musk for displaying the most erratic behavior of them all.

Musk who happens to be the CEO of Tesla Inc will reportedly take over the firm that he was inclined to buy in April of this year but suddenly took a step back. On Tuesday, however, we saw him publish a shocking tweet that announced his sudden U-Turn and great ambition to produce a new ‘everything application’ called X.

This new offer comes right ahead of a shocking anticipated face-off that takes place between Elon Musk and the platform Twitter at a court in Delaware on October 17. In this case, the company was willing to seek an order that directs Elon Musk to shut the deal at the same price of $44 billion.

A letter was sent by Elon Musk on Monday that stated how motivated he was to carry on with the deal at the same terms that had been outlined as before. But that’s only if a judge in Delaware continues to stay true to the proceedings. Meanwhile, one source that’s familiar with Reuters says the judge needed both sides to report back as soon as possible during the evening hours.

Till now, it’s not clear why Elon Musk chose to stop his fight in the courtroom but some people did mention he had a scheduled deposition.

One professor from Columbia Law School says a lot of facts were going to be revealed and Musk was going to feel awfully uncomfortable. Moreover, Reuters claims that Twitter did indeed receive the letter from Musk for the finalization of this deal at the same price. But as of now, there is no idea what Twitter has decided and if it has accepted it.

Elon Musk is one of Twitter’s biggest and most high-profile users. He was so confident that he would be able to escape without any type of penalty as fake bot accounts on the app were too much than the estimate outlined.

But Twitter denied the accusations. According to them, scientists that Elon Musk used for the estimation of fake accounts proved that fake accounts were only 5.3% to 11%. Hence, this is very different from the image projected by Musk and what he mentioned to the world.

While Elon Musk appeared to be so quiet on the platform on Tuesday, this shocking discovery was one that many didn’t see coming on that day. Now, he’s shutting the deal at the original cost of $54.20 a share.

He did speak about a super app for various applications that had features similar to WeChat that hails supreme in China. He is also keen on introducing a feature that allows money transfers.

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