A new Antenna by Starlink will enable people on the move to access Satellite internet

In this day and age, staying connected is one of the most important things for users all over the world. There are many ways to stay connected but recently, Satellite internet has become quite the rage. For those who don’t know, Satellite internet is wireless internet that is transmitted through beams by satellites orbiting around the Earth.

SpaceX, which has recently been expanding its horizons at a huge pace, has announced that it will now be offering satellite internet service for people who are always on the move. As we all know to transmit the internet from the satellite one needs to have a satellite dish and that would be at one’s home because one can’t very well carry it with them when one is on the move.

SpaceX came up with a very ingenious solution for this as they created an antenna that subscribers will be able to attach to their vehicle to get internet access even while on the move. Even though it is not an entirely new package or subscription tier, it will require some very new and high-tech equipment which will make it quite expensive for those who can’t afford such a thing but need it for their work purposes.

The implementation of this new antenna which is named the Flat High-Performance Starlink will enable the company to further increase the abilities of its Starlink for RVs (recreational vehicles) satellite internet service. This new antenna will be able to provide vehicles on the move with High-speed and Low-latency internet. This will be made possible by taking advantage of a broader field of view and improved GPS which will in turn give it the ability to connect to even more satellites. One thing to note is that this antenna is a bit different than the standard RV version because it is meant to be set up on a vehicle and can be made to combat the weather.

While this new antenna seems to be the solution to all the problems one suffers when traveling, it won’t be cheap. SpaceX is charging 2,500 dollars for this new antenna, but the good news is that the monthly subscription price remains the same at 135 dollars per month. However, mostly this kind of application will only be applied to specific consumers with some specific needs. But, it is great that SpaceX has kept this as an option or even as an alternative to getting mobile data which can also be costly.

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