Apple terminates employees for unauthorized online content sharing

In a bizarre event, Apple fired its employee for sharing a day in the life video on the social media networking app TikTok. The employee posted a video on her TikTok account, and later she found out that her contract with Apple hasn’t been renewed.

Although it has been seen in the video that the company worker did not reveal any confidential report regarding the company's ongoing projects, it's just a fun video of her office and a brief glimpse inside. Nyla Boone got fired for sharing her life inside the Apple office and wanted to inspire other black girls that there could be a future for all black people.

Boone received a call from media outlets shortly after she was terminated to record her interview about the firing from the Apple office. In her interview, she said that the purpose of posting the video was to show other girls that they could also pursue a career as a "tech girl" and that a field is also an option.

The video contains no such object that could harm the corporation’s reputation or put its recent decisions on display. It was a video about Nyla Boone sharing her daily routine with her co-workers, snippets from her office, and communication with video recording.

Moreover, Nyla Boone also works as an influencer and reaches out to her followers through FAQs, answering them about her profession and routine job. She considers herself a micro-influencer and tends to influence those underrepresented groups of individuals who are underprivileged.

The video that Boone made about a day in the life of a black tech worker got 400,000 views, and many people asked her a lot of questions about her new job and for assistance. Black women comprised the majority of the 80 percent of those who connected with her via social media apps. Boone said that this was a personal issue for her because her TikTok account helps her inspire a lot of black women.

Boone uploaded a video about her recent dismissal so that her followers could learn about it. People who sympathized with her watched the video, which received 150,000 views. Apple has restricted its contractor's ability to record any video inside the office. They strictly forbid their employees from uploading any videos without obtaining authorization, and prohibit them from advertising content that they do not wish to make public.

According to YouTuber Chloe Shih, who has 51,000 followers, she has been warned numerous times not to post content on her accounts. The HR department has started firing employees in accordance with their policy as a result of this growing issue.

Similarly, another Apple employee was on the verge of getting fired from the office. Paris Campbell tried to help a friend to find her missing iPhone. Although the video was shot at her home, Apple stated that simply declaring yourself to be an employee at Apple is a violation of the law.

The growing violation of the policies has made Apple fire many employees. In this generation of TikTok, the breaches of policy have increased massively, and Apple takes no second to fire an employee for violating company policy.

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