4 Best Practices For Monetizing Your CTV Content

Advertising is a competitive arena. Consumers have woken up to the constant barrage of ads publishers have unleashed on platforms, and ad fatigue is a drain on every team's budget. Connected TV (CTV) platforms offer publishers a great way of reinforcing products with users.

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However, the connected nature of the platform can result in doubling ad fatigue resulting in wasted ad dollars. Publishers looking to monetize CTV content must execute the following best practices to avoid the negative effects that most people experience currently.

Use diverse ad pod positioning

Recently, CTV platforms have witnessed the rise of non-intrusive advertising. However, most non-intrusive advertising misses the mark. These ads are non-intrusive to the point of being non-existent. To monetize CTV content effectively, you must strike the right balance between intrusiveness and engagement.

Take VFR for example. This startup offers advertising that is both native and non-intrusive. They create content in-house, and by choosing only the right brands and advertisers for the content, the audience enjoys premium ads that are targeted at them, making the ads a natural part of the experience.

Review your creative assets regularly to ensure an optimal ad experience for your users. These processes will help you avoid ad fatigue and reveal creative ad pod position opportunities.

Use the right tech stack to manage your ads

Personalization is the best way to boost engagement, as numerous consumer apps have demonstrated. However, personalization is tricky to execute, no matter how much data you gather. A good personalization program uses data and analytics to deliver great UX.

CTV publishers typically prioritize ad monetization (high returns) over content experience, leading to decreased engagement over time. Instead, you must use the right technology stack to gather and analyze user data to deliver memorable experiences.

This is another area where VFR shines. Their targeted premium ads result in further content engagement, happier consumers, and also reduced drop rates. In fact, they boast a 94% ad completion rate, as they understand the art of creating custom content for targeted audiences.

With this investment, you can bet on higher customer LTVs in the long run. People will stick around for longer and will engage more with your content, whether paid or free. As a result, you can rely on steady cash flow in the long run.

You should also use data to diversify your ad pods and streams. What do your users engage with the most, and what are their demographics? How can you segment your audience to serve them better and deliver better UX?

Linear TV ads are a great example of how you can seamlessly blend advertising into content. Use data to build your ad inventory, and you won't have to worry about common CTV issues like ad fill.

Ensure the right ad frequencies

Data analysis can also reveal other interesting patterns in your advertising, such as reach and frequency. For instance, most mobile game ad publishers struggle managing ad frequencies. Bombarding users with the same ad constantly will not drive more engagement.

Instead, look at your historical patterns to reveal ideal frequency levels. You want to strike a balance between fatigue and awareness. While many publishers like to go with how they "feel" about ad frequencies, use data to arrive at the right number.

Pay attention to the context around the ad as well when analyzing frequencies. Sticking with the mobile game example, ads that play before the game loads and the ones that play in-game will have different ideal frequencies.

Place all your data in the right context when analyzing it, and you'll arrive at the right ad frequencies, along with a host of other important engagement variables.

Invest in data analytics

The CTV world experiences far greater engagement rates than the norm. People interact with CTV content with more depth and spend more time on these platforms. Typically, most publishers take this engagement for granted and deploy a stream of boring, repetitive ads.

However, the reason for greater engagement is high-quality content. Instead of disrupting a highly engaging experience, advertisers must look to continue it. Data analytics is the best way to personalize content and offers the easiest way to increase ROAS.

User profiles and interests offer publishers a wealth of information when it comes to creating engaging ad content. Similarly, game publishers can draw from a wealth of demographic data to create engaging content that sustains engagement.

Your data analytics infrastructure might appear expensive at first but drive more ROI than any other piece of technology in your stack. Invest in the right analytics package, and you'll reap consistent rewards.

Overcome ad fatigue in creative ways

Ad fatigue is a huge issue in the CTV world, but the best way to overcome it is to create high-quality content tailored to your audience's needs. Investing in the right tech stack and analytics package will help you deliver memorable experiences, boosting ROI.
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