YouTube Plans On Adding Short Form Content To Its Kids App

YouTube is trying hard to align itself with TikTok and that’s why it’s making use of all the weapons that it feels can put up a tough fight.

The company is now thinking about including Shorts on the app’s kid’s content. Recently, the platform informed its creators on YouTube Kids to start thinking outside the box on how they can best include Shorts in this category.

In case you didn’t already know, this is deemed to be the app’s most profitable element so it makes absolute sense as to why there is such a strong push for the matter.

This will reportedly set the stage for the platform to release Shorts for the first time for younger audiences, which has never been done on YouTube before.

Even at its earliest, we’re not seeing this feature pop up anytime soon before next year. After all, it’s only arrived in its early planning stages. Therefore, there is a small possibility that it won’t occur at all.

However, if the app does go along with it, it’s definitely going to be one competitive battle between both sides. Remember, other platforms like Snapchat and Facebook have both tried their level best to take the app on board as they really become popular.

Only recently, we saw Facebook set up a trial for a new version of the app that entailed a full-screen having all the recommended videos inside it. But we saw how that did not last too long as many celebs like Kylie Jenner began complaining.

Last year around the summertime, we saw YouTube launch its Shorts around the world. They were seen sending out a very explicit message to kids’ creators about how they shouldn’t put too much time and effort into Shorts. But at the same time, they were told that any content put up by them across TikTok could be repurposed on the Shorts app.

But in just a few weeks, we saw the app’s tone change immensely. They are now calling creators to focus more on Shorts for kids too. At the same time, we saw the firm stating via a public post how its policies have always been based on the well-being of kids. Therefore, any short or long-form content will be entertained.

The app was first launched in 2015 and while we’ve seen long content be emphasized for quite some time. Hence, it’s interesting to see how a change of trends works on a children’s app now.

H/T: Insider

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