YouTube Fans Upset After App Forces Nearly Dozen ‘Unskippable’ Ads Simultaneously

If there’s one thing about YouTube that many people aren’t a fan of, it’s the ads. And while we agree that commercials help the platform generate revenue, there’s always a limit to the amount that can be tolerated.

YouTube has recently irked plenty of its fans by introducing non-stop ads on the platform. And by that, we mean around 5 to 11 in a row. Yikes, you can only imagine how that must have gone down with viewers.

The app was criticized to offer a justification for the behavior after many began to voice their concerns on social media. And thankfully, we’re getting the news that it was just an experiment. Well, for now, at least.

The company confirmed how the experiment concluded, and if you were bothered by the unskippable commercials, you could breathe a sigh of relief because it’s not a permanent change.

As it is, many aren’t too happy with seeing two ads that suddenly pop up before a clip begins. And then in recent times, you may have seen that number increase further to become figures like 5,8, 10 and even 11 (that's nearly a dozen).

Meanwhile, one of the users took their rants on social media to add that he witnessed a total of 8 ads, and each of them was around 5 to 10 seconds long. And not being able to skip out on them was just mind-blowing.

But this is just a teaser for many of us of how the app could well be on the rise of adding more ads soon. After all, they’re thinking of ways to gather more revenue. Speaking for an exclusive interview with PC Mag, the company recently spoke in detail about the dramatic rise in commercials was just a test that’s discontinued now.

They even shed light on how the platform is dedicated to linking its brands with its target audiences. At the same time, they want to enhance the overall experience. Therefore, they thought of beginning a trial for those who watched longer clips or linked their television devices to the app.

Now, they’re on a mission to better the general viewing experience by limiting ad breaks.

So in other or shall we say simpler words, the goal is to reduce the amount of ad break duration by introducing more at the start of the clip than later on. Moreover, the company’s spokesperson didn’t reveal if the app actually had some plans to invite such changes in the upcoming future. But users surely hope not!

Meanwhile, we find it awfully interesting to note how keen the app is about declaring that the frequency of ad breaks really makes a difference to users. And that’s true for most long-duration clips. This has also been proven by the app’s own research experts.

After all, fewer ad breaks increase the chances that the viewer watches a whole clip, which entails the attached commercials.

So as we can see, the key here is all about balance. How to prevent alienating fans while still managing to include ads is where the secret lies. But for now, concerns are running high for the platform behaving similarly to the way cable tv functions.

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