YouTube Is Adding Surround Sound And Other Social Features To Its TV App

YouTube recently took to Twitter, announcing that all users can now listen to videos on the TV app with 5.1 surround sound.

Considering just how much the average individual blares music out loud using YouTube, this is probably a feature that’s going to make some waves. Then again, there’s also the fact that TVs are becoming scarcer by the second to consider too, but what’s wrong with having the option, right? Individuals investing in TVs nowadays are probably looking to invest in some form of an at-home sound system to boot, which means that such a feature will probably get some use out of it as well. If not for YouTube, it’ll certainly make Netflix a bit more fun, right? At least I think so, I’ve been managing quite well with just a laptop and earphones, but maybe that’s just my quiet social life kicking me to the curb.

The feature was announced by the Team YouTube Twitter account, and that’s not all that the developers had to offer either. YouTube TV is getting yet another upgrade: users connecting to their TVs via the YouTube smartphone app can now also utilize its myriad of social features. The community can now send Super Chats, leave comments, share videos, and engage in other online social behavior using their TV screens; again, that’s probably a nice feature to have, even if a laptop and earphones can provide the same effect. Also, I’m slowly beginning to realize that I might need to start leaving the house more often.

An entire post explaining both the new surround sound feature and the YouTube for TV social features has been made under the Google Support website. Naturally, all such posts also encourage users to leave their feedback under the post, and everyone’s fully welcome to go ahead and do so. We’ll be citing an article with the tweet right down below, which readers can trace back to the Google Support article. In the meanwhile, here’s to YouTube for TV users making the most of supporting their favorite content creators while playing their videos on surround sound speakers.

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