Mozilla Accuses Apple, Google, and Microsoft Of Restricting Browser Options For Users

The race to become the top browser in today’s digital world is highly competitive and now, Mozilla is coming out with shocking findings in this regard.

Firms like Apple, Google, and Microsoft are steering their users to make do with a limited number of browsers, Mozilla claims. Hence, in this way, leading operating systems and web services use their power to deprive people of choices. They’re limited to a small number of options and it’s just not cool, Mozilla adds.

A new report was titled, ‘Five Walled Gardens’ and it explained how such top names in the industry are acting like a monopoly and preventing others from getting a decent share of the market by holding them back.

The report further added how people are utilizing web browsers and why top names like Edge, Chrome, and Safari. For your information, Mozilla Firefox isn’t too behind in this regard. But will, it’s not in the top three and it feels that it could benefit from a broader user base, which is its right. But major leading companies are really making it hard for Mozilla to achieve this and it’s not happy, as clearly delineated in its report.

Other common findings observed in this report had to do with tech giants forcing users to stick to their options and totally impossible to make a switch in terms of web browsers. As a result, the quality is lowered and the risk increases. For more information about this, Mozilla has even outlined some important pointers on the situation of how consumers are getting harmed by the behavior.

For starters, they’ve been given a limited number of choices. In this way, it’s just so much more difficult for anyone to switch a browser. This affects other competitors in the industry and limits the arrival of new products from getting launched.

In the same way, providers could end up compromising quality because when there’s no competition left in the market, consumers end up with below satisfactory goods and services.

There is a small amount of innovation up for grabs as quality affects innovation directly. Users won’t be getting new developments and that provides them with fewer options to choose from. Indirectly, that’s linked to privacy which also gets compromised as it leaves them to share data with others or have their data be misused. This comes hand in hand with poor competition.

And last but not least, the contracts that come out of this are not fair. Some people might be forced to engage in a contract that is not only unfair but totally exploitative in nature.

As you can imagine, the news isn’t something new. We’ve seen these top market leaders in the tech industry steering so many people away and limiting their browsing options.

Most importantly, these huge names have also been slammed with lawsuits in this manner. Yet, they are allowed to carry on with such practices.

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