WordPress Website Digital Marketing Tips

Your WordPress website is pretty versatile, which makes it easier to market than most varieties of website. Just remember that WordPress marketing plugins may not offer the pot of gold they promise in their advertisements. If you are looking to improve your online image and coverage, then work on promoting your website in a more traditional manner. Start with a strong foundation, and then build flourishes into your marketing as your campaigns mature.

Make Sure Your Website is Correctly Optimized

Modern SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is less about following guidelines and rules and is more about creating a useful and popular website. All you need to do is ensure you are not making the sorts of mistakes that drag you down the search engine results. Get in touch with WP Masters and have your website checked over to ensure it can climb freely up the search engine results.

Test Your Landing Pages Along With Their Lead in Links

The easiest way to explain this is to consider an affiliate advertisement and a website landing page. If the website ad says, “Free hot honeys with lots of monies,” then your ad may generate a lot of traffic, but if the landing page is selling lawn mowers, then it is not likely to generate any sales.

On the other hand, if your ad is a very dull, sterile and clinical ad for lawn mowers, then people who click the ad are more likely to buy, but few are likely to actually click the ad in the first place.

Don't let online marketing gurus hoodwink you with notions of more clickable ads or more enticing landing pages. You need to consider where your traffic is coming from and what question they have in mind when they click your link.

What Question is in People’s Mind?

When people click a link to your website or landing page, what question do they have in mind when they click it. Every person who clicks a link has some sort of question in mind. For example, if they see a car advertisement and it has a price on it, they may ask if the price is really as good as the ad says. If somebody is reading a blog on potted plants and the link to your website references nutritious soil, the question is probably about making or buying the soil.

Tone Down Social Media

It really isn't a marketer’s best friend. It is a place for attention, but not really a place to find customers. However, with that said, you need to secure your real name on social media, especially if you have your own brand. If you do not, then when your brand becomes more famous, people will start cloning your name and using your name on their social media accounts. Try to maintain a presence on social media and only test the platforms from time-to-time to see if you can get paying customers. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that social media attention is in some way beneficial if you are not getting paying customers.

Forget Calls to Action

They just don't work. Forced deadlines do not work. Scarcity doesn't work. You need to forget the typical marketing rules and focus on a single selling point and proper branding. Help people understand what your website, your brand, your services and your products are all about. Everybody uses calls to action, forced deadlines, scarcity, and a slew of other sleazy tools to try to make sales. What is so special about that? Do these tactics work on you? Your website and brand needs to separate itself from the others by pushing a big selling point and by educating people on your brand principles.

Lose Pop-Ups

The online stats all say that entry, mid-page and exit pop-ups work. They say they get people engaged, they get more email addresses and so forth. It is all untrue, and if you don't believe it, then try them for a few weeks. Your conversion rate will actually go down. Try to remember the point made above about gimmicks. What is so special about a pop up? Why would a pop up somehow work on your customers when it has never worked on you.

Paying For Results

You should run an affiliate campaign. You should start very small with a very small budget, and you should pay very little per bid and/or per day. Start small because affiliate advertising can easily chew through your budget and give you nothing in return. Paying for affiliate advertising is going to draw in some buyers and paying customers. The problem is that affiliate advertising is very difficult, it takes a lot of time and a lot of testing until you find the right ad and landing page to generate sufficient success. That is why you need to start small so that you don't waste money during those earlier, more costly days.
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