Khaby Lame, the infamous TikToker, wants an Oscar now that he earns $400K per post

Khaby Lame is the most viewed TikToker of the year. His videos have been the center of attention for some while now. With nothing but him acting silently, we are astonished at this guy’s talent. So it is only fair that Lame dares to dream of an Oscar now.

Lame might be the ace at everything else but he certainly lacks one basic skill that is stopping him from winning an Oscar. The guy is great at acting but not so good at speaking English.

Being a Senegalese-born Italian, the guy’s mother tongue naturally isn’t English. That is the reason why Lame struggles with the language so much. On top of that, all of his videos are mute, meaning he does not utter a single word. This is the only explanation for his enormous audience. Gaining such a big audience when you are not even fluent in the most spoken language isn’t a possible task.

It is also quite astonishing how the guy that used to be a factory worker is now earning as much as $400,000 per sponsored post. He recently told Fortune that his ultimate dream is to win an Oscar. Lame isn’t fazed by his striking career and the fact that he is on the track to make about $10 million this year, he wants to aim higher.

Since Lame is focused on getting that Oscar, he is currently practicing to improve his English. He does so by watching a kid’s show, Daniel Tiger, for 3 hours each day.

It is also noteworthy that when mentioning his dream, he did not use ‘I’. Instead, he said ‘I dream that one day we’ll win an Oscar.’ By ‘we’ here, he means himself and his manager ‘Alessandro Riggio’. The guys seem to be joined at the hip as they even share an apartment in Milan by choice.

Lame and Riggio together are working towards big things. For instance, they launched an agency by the name of Iron Corporation. Lame also was spotted at the International Film Festival circuit.

We do believe Lame might be able to achieve his Oscar dream as his acting skills are already up to the mark and he only needs to work on his English. Also, the guy has a pure heart and only wants those around him and seeing him smile.

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