WhatsApp is working to prevent messages from being kept in disappearing mode while also authorising users to hide their mobile phone numbers from business accounts

Instant messaging application, WhatsApp is working on its upcoming version. A new update is under development that will let users prevent messages from being saved in vanishing mode.

The update has been named "kept messages". Previously, WhatsApp rolled out the disappearing message feature, in which the conversation would disappear after reaching its expiry time. However, if anyone wanted to keep chats from that conversation, they could save them and they wouldn’t vanish after reaching their limit. However, if the user decides to unsave that part of the vanishing mode, they would simply remove it and the message would no longer be available.

The upcoming version is an update in which the sender can decide if the delivered message can be kept by the reader or not. If the receiver tries to save an unauthorized message, they would simply receive a notification that the conversation cannot be kept as the sender has not allowed it.

The feature is still in its development stage and will be released via Google Play. The beta version will be out shortly and may take some time before every user gets their hand on it.

On the other hand, the WhatsApp Web will also be receiving a new update on desktop. The new feature will work to prevent business accounts from seeing the mobile phone number if anyone contacts them through posted ads. The user will be allowed to either hide or show their number.

However, if someone contacts a business account directly, then they’ll be able to see the mobile phone number of that person. The phone number will likely be hidden permanently in future updates.

At the moment, not many details are available on the accessibility of this update, but they will be available in the future. The Android version already received the beta version of this feature in its update, so it’s proof that the developers are working to introduce it on all available platforms, including the iOS and Web versions.

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