Whatsapp is improving its preexisting features with its newest update

Whatsapp is now working on launching two new versions of preexisting features including the online status and the camera feature, reports WBI.

Whatsapp has changed the placement of the camera from the community tab to somewhere more accessible. This new feature came forward only recently and is available for only Beta users. It is still under development so we do not know when it will be out for all of its users however we believe it will be a part of the next update.

The app is also going to have a major change in the camera button settings. Users will now have separate buttons for photos and videos. In the current version, there is only a single button that users need to press and hold to record videos. However, in the new update, users will have a video button on the left and a photo button on the right.

Along with this, Whatsapp is also finally fixing the bug that has annoyed thousands of Whatsapp by now. Have you ever scrolled through a chat and landed on a very old conversation instead? This was happening to thousands of users and regardless of complaints, Whatsapp was not addressing the issue. However, with the announcement of its latest update, Whatsapp also promised to fix this particular issue.

Whatsapp has also been giving time to our favorite feature, the ability to control who can see you online. This feature was already out for some Beta users, however, Whatsapp is now rolling this out to even more users. Hopefully, it will reach us soon as well!

The feature works peculiarly. Whatsapp gives users options to choose who can see their last seen. This includes everyone, no one, contacts, and all contacts except the selected individuals. The new option to choose who you're shown online works the same way. It gives you the option to choose between nobody and the same as last seen.

To check whether you are one of the lucky ones who have been blessed with this feature, check your privacy settings in this instance! If you can't find it, unfortunately, you will have to wait for the next update.

We are really happy with Whatsapp's updates this time around and hope to see similar ones shortly as well.

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