WhatsApp Adds A New Do Not Disturb Notification To Its Chat Messages Via A Recent Beta Release

In a recent beta for WhatsApp, the app’s developers have attempted to bolster a previously encountered feature by the name of Do Not Disturb.

We’re all familiar with Do Not Disturb; I’m also going to take a guess and state that office workers are especially familiar with Do Not Disturb, since corporate suits will call you at any point in the day, just expecting and demanding full attention, answers, or a weird combination of the both. As to those individuals who are currently wondering whether or not I’m drawing from personal experience…I can neither confirm nor deny any such statements. Do Not Disturb is a feature I can fully get behind; it’s a setting that doesn’t distract me, while also warding off individuals on the other side of the line, and I have to do absolutely nothing. Okay, I also see how it would be very annoying to the other individual as well, but in a world where our personal and professional lives are so intertwined by the existence of smartphones and social media, we do need a break from each other now and then.

At any rate, new iOS users managed to encounter a Do Not Disturb feature for WhatsApp as part of a beta release. The feature was rather minimalistic in appearance, only allowing users to set themselves up with Do Not Disturb, and giving little else in terms of visual cues or the like. This was also back in June, so it’s been a few months since we encountered any update regarding the feature. However, the recent beta release adds just a smidge more to the concoction, allowing users to identify their Do Not Disturb feature a little more clearly.

In this beta, whenever a user misses a call due to the Do Not Disturb setting, their chat log with the calling individual will feature a missed call note, but it will also specify the reason for having missed the call (i.e., the no disturb setting). This way, users can be reminded about the feature they placed in, and also have documentation provided whenever they missed specific calls owing to Do Not Disturb.

Currently, the feature is only available for testing to iOS users, but we can expect an Android release coming right around the corner rather soon.

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