Twitter Launches Handy Apps On Its Toolbox Hub For A Smoother Tweeting Process

Twitter has recently rolled out an array of handy tools for users on its Toolbox Hub.

The company was seen highlighting several new third-party apps that it endorsed itself. And according to the app, users’ tweeting experience is guaranteed to be a smoother process.

These new additions are designed to make innovative tweet threads on the platform. The first one is called ‘Thread start,’ and it’s being hailed as the ultimate composer for tweets.

As seen in this new example, users get the benefits of a multitude of new editing tools to make your thread. The new app will then keep your tweets separate while giving you the chance to send out a much more detailed narrative right through this new app.

In the same way, 'Typefully' is another tool that works in a similar manner. It’s much more simple, and although it enables a similar functionality to the former, it’s the easy user interface is guaranteed to win brownie points.

These new features are adding a new form of simplicity that many users are unaware of. When it comes to the tweet chain, you get the chance to take in generating long tweet chains. Now, users can engage more of their audience than before. But we might feel that it’s awfully painful to do it all manually on the app.

Users get the chance to also schedule their threads according to the timing they feel would get the most engagement.

We first heard about Twitter’s famous toolbox a while back in February of last year. It has subcategories that split its many offerings. These include the likes of measurement, user safety, and then self-expression.

These creative elements are definitely a new part of Twitter’s drive to enhance its developer community. However, we feel it would have been better to design such features on Tweetdeck instead because that’s where the lacking appears.

But when you actually come to think of it, the app’s developers from various third parties usually come out with brilliant ideas and valuable additions. Hence, it would favor the app to continue marketing its offerings and work side by side with the apps.

This way, it can utilize valuable time while creating the most helpful apps across the board that deserve much appreciation.

In both ways, it’s definitely a development that Twitter fans need to investigate further on its toolbox.

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