Twitter Globally Launches Its ‘Close Friends’ Circle Feature And Rolls Out Pinned Replies For Some Users

It’s a day of launches for social media giant Twitter as the company was seen rolling out a few innovative changes on the app recently.

For starters, the platform is launching its Close Friends Circle feature for users worldwide starting today. This will allow users to put up tweets to a selected number of users on the app.

The firm first began experimenting with the launch, which many people state is extremely similar in design and function to Instagram’s close friend's functionality. Tests began in the month of May and now, it seems things are going according to plan as the global launch has begun.

As a whole, users are being given the chance to include 150 people in their close circle. But at the moment, they are only allowed to design one circle. There are no limits to whom users can include in the feature so even Beyonce or Ronaldo may be a part of your circle too if you’d like. But remember, most celebs ignore tweets so we hope you don’t have too many expectations there.

All those who are a part of your circle will visualize a unique green-colored badge that’s located under the tweets tab. This indicates how the post is only for a selected number of viewers in that close friend group and not for display across a user’s public timeline.

As Twitter mentioned in their recent tweet, only a user can determine who is present in their circle. Therefore, those added will be given the chance to reply, view, and engage with the content on display.

Also, users will not receive any form of alerts or notifications whenever someone adds or deletes them across the Circle. At the same time, Twitter forbids people from leaving any particular circle. Hence, the only way out is to block that individual who added you to the circle. This way, you’ll no longer be a part of the circle.

While Twitter is yet to go public about this, this new Circle feature is another unique way that the app hopes will prevent people from locking up their profiles. At the same time, it gives them a certain degree of privacy when they wish to share certain posts with a limited audience.

Similar to tweets present on locked profiles, users in the circle cannot retweet posts present inside the same circle. But after the option, users will get a chance to post a tweet to their own circle, their public timeline, or any form of community that they happen to be a part of.

The news comes as the platform just recently revamped the app’s audio tab so that it could include more than two million podcasts using up the Live Spaces feature.

This new redesign could entail customized stations for various topics such as news, lifestyle, movies, and more. This will not only offer live audio programs but recorded sessions as well.

Keeping all the launches aside, Twitter has really been affected when a shocking report by whistleblower Pelter Zatiko revealed some interesting findings about the company’s internal affairs. He accused the company of huge negligence and deficiencies that are clear threats to national security.

There were even accusations related to finetuning of metrics to disguise the true number of bots seen on the app. Just this morning, Elon Musk was seen sending a final termination letter through his legal team to Twitter about the end of their agreement for the acquisition, citing these allegations.

On the other hand, Twitter is also rolling out another new feature of Pinned Replies for a few selected users. The news comes to us thanks to Chris Messina.

The feature is designed to allow users to pin any reply they like to their tweet by using the actions menu.

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