LinkedIn Announces Partnerships with Meta, IBM, and Oracle for New Certification Courses

LinkedIn is one of the largest social media networks influencing career development. LinkedIn now introduces a new sequence of education for all to help the next generation by adding a new entry of certification courses via a partnership with Meta, Oracle, and IBM. The new certification will help job seekers to boost and improve their abilities. It’ll also support employment security for a better future.

LinkedIn has provided learners with a range of ways to demonstrate their skills over the past few years, including earning academic credit, continuing education units to maintain specific professional licenses, and certification preparation programs to show a high level of skill in a specific industry. To help learners find certification, LinkedIn is now cooperating with third-party sources such as IBM, Meta, and Oracle to further broaden access to certifications.

The LinkedIn community offers additional opportunities for people to acquire the skills and knowledge that will enable them to succeed in their chosen careers and empower everyone to achieve more. After completion, of course, folks can highlight their ability on their profile. According to LinkedIn, in the past two years, 44% of people have added certifications to their profiles.

Here is further information regarding partnership programs. Meta enables people to exhibit expert-level skills in digital marketing. Oracle prepares people for a brand new career option in cloud infrastructure. And IBM prepares people for cloud computing careers.

The recent purchase of the EduBrite platform which specializes in developing and hosting professional certifications and tests substantially broadens the product offering to better meet the demands of reputable, market-leading certification providers And gives users more options.

A greater number of certification providers will be able to market, produce, and expand the distribution of their material by integrating their certification assessment engine into LinkedIn Learning. Additionally, members will be able to develop even more in-demand abilities and show off their expertise to their network and recruiters.

This new series partnership will help job seekers to create and demonstrate their skills.

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