Tim Cook Talks Diversity And The Future Of AR In A Sit-Down Interview With The BBC

Tim Cook took to voicing his opinions in an interview with the BBC, stating that technological processes will constantly be impeded if the workforce doesn’t further diversify.

While the average 30-year-old basement hogging incel will probably take offense from such a statement, I have to say that I fully agree with the man and his sentiments. While most cries for inclusion can come off as performative, attempting to establish tokenism as an alternative to legitimate progress, Tim Cook’s a person who seems well equipped enough to talk about such issues. The CEO of Apple is himself an openly gay individual since 2014, and that too in an industry that doesn’t have a ton of LGBTQ+ representation. The technological landscape looks much more, ahem, white and nondescript than it should be. Honestly, the most amount of diversity the field’s had in recent times is probably Indian-Americans managing to make it to CEO across Google and Twitter.

To be more accurate to the point, Tim Cook was talking about women in his interview, but I think the point applies across the board. Diversity is important for several reasons, none of which are trying to get in with the woke crowd. Different perspectives and allowing all individuals an equal chance at technological creativity and success means that we will have more variety and explorative capacity with what we do. If all hands are on deck, and all hands share a myriad of different backgrounds, we’re much more likely to strike gold and keep striking it as well. It’s why women need to be in the task force more, it’s why we need to be further accommodating of individuals from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

In the same interview, the CEO also talked about AR tech, believing it to be a major driving part of the future. In his own paraphrased words, Cook states that in the future we won’t be able to believe a time when AR wasn’t commonplace; the exact thing that has happened with laptops, smartphones, and tablets. He also labeled the Metaverse as being a very interesting project, from a conceptual point of view. Frankly, that is the only point of view via which Meta’s latest AR crypto fiasco seems to hold any water.

Photo: Twitter/ @tim_cook

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