TikTok Takes Inspiration From BeReal And Launches Experimental ‘Now’ Feature

It appears as if Instagram is not the only one to hop onto the daily image-sharing trend. And that’s because we’ve got more news about TikTok taking inspiration from BeReal and launching a new experiment.

The feature will ask users to put up a new image through any of their cameras. The other option is to put up a 10-second video to inform friends about your daily chores or routine. All users are going to get a very small and discreet window to share their details after getting the randomly-timed prompt.

You can look at it as your next update regarding visual status.

This new test is designed to take place over the next few weeks, as confirmed by the app this week. Moreover, it’s going to be available via the usual American app. However, you just might find it your next favorite dedicated app across different nations.

What isn’t surprising is how quite a few features are very limited for teenagers Therefore, anyone seen on the app that’s between the age group 13 to 15 will get comments from their close pals. Meanwhile, until you’re 18, you won’t be given a chance to share content through Explore.

We won’t lie; the news is definitely a very interesting one. After all, archrivals for the popular short video app are often seen taking inspiration from TikTok. Now, the roles appear to be reversed, and it’s thrilling to see.

We definitely see why the app has chosen to go down this path. Taking on BeReal’s core concept means putting up daily posts, and that will have users returning to the app for more content. What more can a platform want?

Similarly, you get the chance to value your social circle and friends more with this idea called Now. Who knows, it might turn out to be a massive game-changer for the platform.

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