Instagram’s Boss Under Pressure as App Falls Behind Archrivals TikTok And YouTube In All Dimensions

It’s not looking too good for Meta lately as one of its top-performing apps is feeling pressure from archrivals in the industry.

Instagram's boss Adam Mosseri recently mentioned to his staff how the company was lagging behind in all aspects when comparing with other social media platforms. It was not performing up to the mark, be it monthly active users or those on a daily basis. And that puts a major question mark on what steps the app must take to get back on track.

The news is concerning because the app was once seen as a huge competition for TikTok, where users of that app really enjoyed tuning in to both platforms. But that’s no longer the case. For a number of reasons, creators aren’t finding the app unique and appealing, and Instagram needs to change its strategy fast before it's too late.

But Mosseri has also highlighted how it’s not just money related but also has to do with other factors like having fun, reaching out to target audiences, and an algorithm that seems to be falling short of success.

The news was mentioned inside a private memo by Mosseri to his employees, and the news of the app trailing behind badly was certainly shocking because it’s been struggling for a while now.

Plenty of surveys proved these findings, and to see creators unhappy with so many aspects of the app is a huge concern. Similarly, Mosseri was heard outlining how the platform is also lagging behind in terms of where it intended to be.

This was in terms of assisting creators in getting more financial opportunities on the app. Hence, there’s very little margin for error, and it's time to up the game and progress to survive in today’s competitive world.

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