TikTok Confirms No Evidence Of A Security Breach Despite Hackers Claiming They Exposed User Data

A hacking group has alleged that it exposed popular video app TikTok’s user data with source code. But the company denied all allegations.

TikTok recently published a public statement that confirmed how its team failed to find any evidence of a security breach. The news comes as the hacking group even put up images as proof, depicting scenes of what it claims to be the app’s database.

As recently reported by Bleeping Computers, the hackers were seen putting up pictures of the hacked database on a public forum known for such behavior. They also claimed to have taken the data through a server that the app uses.

This particular server in question is known to encase more than 2 billion records and data consisting of nearly 790GB, as well as stats from the app, codes, and so much more.

A spokesperson for the company mentioned that all the samples of data were accessible to the public and hence weren’t on display due to some form of a security breach of the company’s systems.

Therefore, the app says users don’t need to worry or take on board any special measures for protection. They also continued to reassure how the app is committed to providing the best safety for its users present around the globe.

Most of this data that was headlined as being stolen is just general and public information that the app says has been scraped. Hence, other experts also jumped in to mention that it was beyond inconclusive to label it as being hacked.

Others referred to the data on display as being test samples or those linked to non-production sources that were most likely not gathered via a breach.

This particular hacking group in question that has arisen has labeled itself as ‘Against the West’. They appear to have taken up the data through a Chinese application called WeChat.

As of now, we’re not aware of any reports that refuted claims that any of the data had stolen information. At the same time, WeChat is yet to respond to all the queries being directed its way in regards to the matter.

This is not the first time we've heard about TikTok and WeChat coming under the radar. They’ve both been scrutinized for having links related to China. In case you didn’t know, TikTok’s parent firm is ByteDance whose origin is Chinese.

TikTok has reportedly taken a number of steps to help provide the world with reassurance that it doesn’t share user data with China which many see as a huge concern.

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