Mega €405 Million Fine Heads Instagram’s Way For Violating Children’s Privacy Laws

The European Union was not kidding when it announced that it was going to punish all tech firms found guilty of violating its laws. And it appears that Instagram is next in line to be fined.

A major fine worth 405 million Euros is headed in the social media giant’s direction as the EU says it failed to obey laws outlined to safeguard children’s privacy.

This particular penalty is linked to the GDPR. As of now, Meta has failed to comment on the subject.

The last time we heard, the final decision was still in question after an inquiry had been carried out by the company. The decision was taken after consultation with a number of boards and bodies known to handle such instances in the European Union. This includes names such as EDPB and DPC.

The news is certainly not one that was supposed to be leaked this early, as revealed via a report by Politico, neither were many supposed to be aware of the exact size of this penalty designed for Meta. It’s about $403 million if we take the current currency exchange rate into consideration but there is no further update on the ordeal.

The DPC from Ireland did confirm the news, adding how the final decision came about last week on Friday and it does indeed contain such a fat fine. But they also mentioned how no further comments would be entertained on the matter. Instead, we would need to wait until next week when the report is published thoroughly.

This is without a doubt one of the biggest penalties by the GDPR that has ever come about against Instagram in recent times. Last September, Meta’s WhatsApp was fined a staggering $267 million for a number of violations regarding the GDPR’s rules for transparency.

This particular complaint against Instagram is linked to the app’s processing of data related to children. It has to do with those affiliated with business accounts and is seen across registration systems outlined for users.

The GDPR says that such accounts of child users may be set to the public via default. And that up until the user would realize the mistake and end up setting it to private. But unless they made the change, it would continue like this.

This is definitely not shocking for many people as the GDPR is known for enforcing such harsh rules and regulations when it comes down to privacy design. They’ve got a number of provisions in store that enhance children’s protection, in particular.

They also make sure all services aimed at kids are transparent and provide accountability via clear-cut instructions that many young users may understand.

In this particular case, we will soon be given a better explanation of what mistakes Instagram has made and why it was so severely punished by the GDPR as the report is due next week.

Without a doubt, these headlines will really be painful for Instagram and Meta. But another archrival would be closely viewing the matter. We’re talking about TikTok which is currently being evaluated by the DPC too regarding children’s data and how the app handles it.

There is still time before we get a ruling on that case as it was just opened by the DPC a while ago.

The reason why the case of Instagram was dealt with so much delay is that a number of objections were raised in regard to a draft decision produced by Ireland. This ended up setting up a system of regulation to solve the dispute, and it was added months before the decision came about.

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