The Famous ‘Flying Car Startup’ By Google’s Co-Founder Is Wrapping Up And Here’s What’s Next

Larry Page who happens to be Google’s Co-Founder is shedding light on how his famous flying car startup is winding up. But now, he’s sharing more insight on what could possibly be next.

The news was recently announced through a post on LinkedIn and he vowed to keep users updated on what’s next as the firm was trying to figure that out for itself.

Famed with the name Kittyhawk in 2010, the project was launched as Zee. Aero, when Larry Paige opted to hire specialist Sebastian Thrun to make the final product, come to life. And then in 2017, the first video demo for the flying car was launched.

Paige was super excited and revealed in detail how there would be a time when flying cars would be the next big thing of the future but we feel he may have spoken too soon. See, the idea was to allow firms like Uber to operate them in full swing but that certainly didn’t turn out to be successful.

Models such as The Flyer came to life in 2018 and it held the capacity to hold up to one person and go a distance of 20 miles. The average prediction was to have car flying in the skies in the next five-year time period but the projection time was just too soon.

There were even talks about a strategic partnership coming out and about with Boeing. But in 2020, the plans for a total shutdown had been announced as more focus appeared to be on electric aircraft like Heaviside.

Speaking to CNBC today, the company did mention that their announcement today won’t be taking a toll on their partnership with Boeing. In fact, they were super proud to have the chance to collaborate and see how the concept of electric air travel would come into effect in the future. For them, it’s more of a learning experience, more than anything else.

Google says they have definitely opted to stop operations and it won’t alter their commitment with Wisk. They are indeed proud to be the founding members of the famous electric aircraft project called Wisk Aero. They’re also super excited to witness the work they’re doing to provide innovation and great sustainability.

And they just want the firm to know that no matter what, they’ll be continuing to work by Boeing’s side.

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