Tech careers you should consider

When choosing a career or university path after leaving school, it’s hard to go wrong with a tech degree. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the best colleges in the US to study tech. Technology has such a widespread influence on our lives that the demand for tech workers is high, which makes the salaries just as high. Let’s take a look at the tech careers you should consider.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is a person that evaluates data which helps their company make better business decisions. Day-to-day tasks might include creating data models and algorithms to predict future outcomes, finding trends and patterns within datasets to provide business insights, and communicating their findings to senior staff members. The best way to become a data scientist is to earn a data science degree and work on your programming and data visualisation skills. From there, you should find an entry-level data analysis role while you prepare for data science interviews. The median annual salary for a data scientist in the US is around $108,000.

Software Developer

A software developer is a person that designs and writes codes for a variety of apps, from video games to Microsoft Office. Common day-to-day tasks for this role will include designing, testing, and creating software that meets your client’s needs, performing routine maintenance and testing existing software to keep it running smoothly, and documenting code to assist in future maintenance and upgrades. If you want to become a software developer, the best thing to do is start learning a standard common programming language like Java or Python. By learning to program, you can create a portfolio that you can show to prospective companies. The median annual salary for a software developer in the US is around $110,000.

Information Security Analyst

Data security is an increasing concern amongst internet users, and information security analysts work to protect companies from online hackers and prevent data breaches. In an effort to keep companies safe, an information security analyst’s duties will include monitoring various aspects of security, such as network, software, physical security, and staying abreast with new and evolving threats in the cybersecurity world and working with senior staff members to implement best security practices. Given the importance of the role, you can imagine they’re well paid; the median salary in the US is around $100,000.

Sales Engineer

While sales might not sound like a techy profession, a sales engineer acts as a consultant as well as a salesperson, as they break down highly technical products and help the client choose the package that is best for their company. Despite the technical knowledge needed to become a sales engineer, the primary responsibility is to make sales, so you have to have strong communication and persuasion skills to succeed. The best way to become a sales engineer is to get a degree in a STEM field, pick a business to specialise in, and start learning everything you can about it. The rewards are there if you do, as the median salary in the US is around $103,000.

Web Developer

Arguably one of the most critical roles in the internet age is that of a web developer. They’re the ones who create websites, just like the one this article is posted on. Every site you visit will have some form of web development, whether it’s a government site, a social media site like Facebook, or even your favorite online casino UK. Their responsibilities include writing and reviewing site code (usually HTML or XML), testing the functionality of web applications, and working with designers and software developers to ensure the site functions smoothly. If you want to become a web developer, the best way is to jump head first into coding HTML and learn all you can about SEO and design. If you can learn the skills, the median US salary is around $77,000.

Computer Research Scientist

While the job title might sound like an unconnected string of buzzwords, a computer research scientist designs and invents new approaches to computing technology as a whole, as well as finds innovative uses for existing tech. Common tasks for a computer research scientist will include exploring fundamental issues with computing and developing models and theories to address them, assisting engineers in solving complex computing problems, and inventing new computing languages that improve the way we work with computers. Most of these positions require a master’s degree in computer science or another related field and a deep understanding of programming and mathematics. If you can acquire the skills, you can earn a median salary of around $131,000.

Computer Support Specialist

While this is the most basic and, therefore, the lowest-paid job on our list, the median annual wage is still above the average US salary at around $57,000. A computer support specialist is a person that troubleshoots and fixes IT problems within a business. These people are often called help desk techs and are the first line of support when a user has an IT problem within a business. An average day will involve diagnosing and fixing basic software and operating system problems and assisting with hardware issues. The requirements for becoming a computer support specialist can vary, although hands-on experience is always the most valuable. You can also attain industry-specific certifications that prove your competency with commonly used products.


There’s no shortage of tech jobs to go into once you’ve finished your degree, with more being created all the time. As the world develops more AI and machine learning programs, the demand for those jobs will increase, creating even more opportunities.
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