How hard is it to write an essay that rocks?

Preparation Stage

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We have some ways to obtain a topic to research. The first one is when your teacher assigns one to you. There’s not much space to change something. From time to time, they can generate a list of topics for the whole class. So, hurry to pick the best one. You can accept the challenge and choose the hardest one or decide to grab the easiest. Extremely rarely, you can suggest a professor assign to you a topic that you came up with.

Now, it’s time to prepare a structure. It varies depending on the word count. If you manage to work with three chapters this will be good. Take into account that the body text should be written smoothly from paragraph to paragraph.

Tips and Tricks to write a good intro

We have prepared a list of tips and tricks to save you time working on an essay. Let’s get down to the business:
  • Try to be short and informative. You are limited in words but are free with imagination.
  • Write some attractive claims and statements.
  • Be prepared to inform about the goals that you are going to achieve.
  • Add some extra information about sources of your knowledge and materials you are working with.
  • A volume of the intro should be 10-15% of the whole text.
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Some steps to follow to write a great body text

Writing a body text is the ultimate challenge for a student. Here, you have to prove that the idea you worked on and your arguments are viable to take into account. To get this achievement you have to be ready to write flawlessly. You can take a look at this service if you want to get your essay as soon as possible’s talk about possible ways to work with the body of an essay:
  • Be ready to spend over 60% of your word volume on paragraphs.
  • Focus on standing with your idea and covering it with arguments and facts.
  • Provide pro and con quotations that would reveal a modern discourse on this topic. This is a great opportunity to show your professor that you researched it properly and you have a proper level of knowledge.
  • You have to work with quotations very attentively. The main reason is that if you forgot about citations this will be called plagiarism. It’s a horrible mistake and you have problems with your professor.
  • Try your best to make storytelling smooth from paragraphs.
  • Keep in mind that you can make some drawings to visualize your ideas. It’s a pro because people use your scheme for future research.
  • Sometimes, you write too much, like 2000-3000 words. So, try to keep the best arguments and decrease the number of quotations.
  • Try to sit working on the essay right after university. Don’t keep it to write at night.
  • Take into account, that it’s hard to see all mistakes right after you complete writing. You should relax or sleep and come back to the next with a fresh view.
  • Use professional programs for finding mistakes like Grammarly. A pairs version of it can support you with improving your sentences to sound better and more professional.
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How to make a great-grade-delivery conclusion?

Writing a rocking conclusion is a moderate challenge. It’s because you want to mention so much, but you have so little space. Anyway, there are some tricks that help you to write your thoughts in the right order. So, you have to start by wrapping up the results that you could achieve in the essay. Then, move to claims about what aspects of the topic behind the essay will be able to be researched in the nearest future and what extra knowledge should be needed.
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